How to detect a fake

With the recent spate of fake bank notes being passed around, not every NANA Member has access to a Counterfeit Detector Machine, but there are ways to spot a fake.

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Free Webinars and Workshops for March to June 2018

Workshops for March-Jun 2018 are now available in NSW and ACT Available topic in ACT is:      Tax Basics Workshop –  20 March in Queanbeyan (3 spots left).      Tax Basics Workshop – 22 May in Canberra Webinars available on the following topics (All Webinar run for 1 hr) Introduction to Tax Basics (Introduces you to […]

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Some Newsagents paying too much for insurance

When evaluating your insurance costs, it is a good idea to make sure your broker is placing your insurance policies direct with the underwriter rather than via another broker.  If your broker is placing your policy via another broker, rather than direct with the underwriter, you can end up being charged for two sets of […]

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Pay-in services increase risk of copping a counterfeit note

The upswing in the adoption of money transfer and pay-in services provided by Newsagents appears to be upping the ante when it comes to exposure to unwittingly accepting counterfeit $20, $50 and $100 notes. The $50 note is possibly the most widely used denomination by counterfeiters. Newsagents are exposed to an increased risk when it […]

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