Getting rid of Lottoland

Momentum is building at a national and state level over the campaign to ban online betting company Lottoland from operating in Australia.  Senator Nick Xenophon has pledged to introduce a bill by year’s end if the government does not act.  Other cross bench parties including One Nation have committed to supporting a ban.

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The Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) ACT 2017 is now in effect

The Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Act 2017 means there are harsher penalties for serious breaches of employment entitlements and record keeping failures, starting 15 September. If an employer fails to keep records and an employee claims they have been underpaid, the employer must also prove they did in fact meet their obligations and paid the employee correctly.

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Do you need business interruption insurance?

Running a Newsagency can be tough. NANA knows that is the case but how much tougher would it be if you were trying to build your business from scratch without any financial help even though you still have the day to day running costs such as your rent, etc.? As such one of the most […]

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