What would you do if your Newsagency burnt to the ground?

As the staff at NANA hopes this never happens to you, we do implore that our Newsagent Members need to have plans and procedures in place to prevent fires and to help your business recover should an unforeseen emergency occur. Your business is full of fuel ie newspapers and magazines. 

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Attack on Newsagent – Would you know what to do?

With the recent vicious bashing of a 70 year old Newsagent as he was preparing his papers for delivery, it has brought to light the need for keeping your personal and business security updated.  The offender grabbed a hammer which had been on a bench inside the store and smashed the victim twice to the […]

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Thinking of hiring Christmas casuals?

With Christmas shopping lists getting longer and longer, Newsagents are starting to get busier and busier. Many Newsagent businesses employ extra staff for the Christmas period to manage their customers who are enjoying the Christmas specials. The employment is usually for a short period and employees are typically h ired on a casual basis. As […]

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