IR Omnibus Bill shredded in Senate – remainder passed by House of Representatives

The Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery ) Bill 2020 (the Bill) otherwise known as the IR Omnibus Bill was shredded in the Senate on Friday last week. The Bill in its trimmed down format was submitted to the House of Representatives on Monday and what remained was passed. The Bill has now […]

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WHS duties and COVID-19 vaccines – Small business fact sheet


A new fact sheet for small business, 5 things to know about your WHS duties and COVID-19 vaccines, has been published on the Safe Work Australia website. The fact sheet outlines key information for small business on their WHS duties and COVID-19 vaccines including whether businesses need to mandate COVID-19 vaccination to meet WHS duties and the […]

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Direct assistance from NANA recovers $thousands for Members

NANA continues to work with Members to ensure they are not overcharged/underpaid by publishers and account customers. Make no mistake, errors made by some of the major companies that Newsagents deal with are capable of costing Newsagents $thousands. In one recent matter, NANA has calculated a Newsagent has been over charged and short paid $8,500+ by […]

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