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When we had an unfair lotteries site survey we contacted NANA straight away for assistance. They were able to help us appeal and our rating was changed in our favour, resulting in a higher commission which we would have lost out on otherwise. They also have assisted with staff and industry awards. Our NANA Membership has been beneficial not only financially but as a whole for our business.

Todd & Randal ReynoldsonBraidwood Newsagency

NANA has stepped in to help us with many issues, most notably getting a sub agent of ours to pay their outstanding invoices. They also helped us with DigiPOS buy back, NSW lotteries issues, government rebates but in particular the regular award updates including pay rates and advice when required, which is happening in the background all of the time, but what we rely on almost the most. We appreciate the assistance now and in the future from the team at NANA.

Jim & Suzanne FearMaclean Newsagency

NANA is always on hand to help. They have helped us with a number of issues including: change over when we ceased home deliveries, GNS levy balance, publisher accounts, and most notably helped us to recoup an outstanding debt from a corporate sub agent. Whilst the membership is an additional business cost, the true value of the membership far outweighs anything we pay.

Andy & Sharyn FennellToronto Newsagency

NANA have provided me with extensive support over many issues faced by my small business. They are always available to give sound advice and even just to lend an ear. They were able to assist with Fair Work issues, parcel services, NSW lotteries and more. We have found the staff to be professional and efficient with any problems presented to them.

Donna KingPaddington Newsagency

When Covid hit we were all confused by so much conflicting information coming out. NANA was onto it straight away and provided clear information as to what government support was available and other advice. Additionally, they assisted with easy calculations for magazines, site survey objection and more. We are glad to be NANA members especially during tough times. And finally, having someone in your court working for you is the best feeling. Can always count on NANA to find a solution to our queries.

Rose DriverGrafton Shoppingworld Newsagency

I have obtained a great benefit from my NANA Membership with the number of issues that I have sought assistance on. Most have not been of a simple quick fix / answer – months have passed from the start to the finish of an issue. Each time I contact NANA Ian has been able to help immensely where if it had not been for him, I would have struggled and not achieved the good outcome that occurred. The membership fee I pay has been the best investment I have made in being able to have great support and assistance for the well- being of my business.

Anandrav BarotKings Cross Railway Station and Fountain Newsagencies

NANA have been there for us for many years. They have saved us money, got money back from suppliers, assistance with lotteries - specifically site surveys and a new franchise application objection. Even if they aren’t successful in everything, they genuinely want to help their members as much as possible. We know we can count on their advice.

Neil Kelly & Steve SuttonCaringbah Village News

We have needed assistance in the past with a lotteries refit, newspaper distribution and other issues. We know we can ring NANA and we will get support and assistance when we need it.

Abboud & Eugenia FattalMoorebank Newsagency

As newsagents, we have to be more than a Jack of all trades, besides the daily physical manual routines, problems we have to deal with relating to leasing, capital financing, franchising, publishers, hardware and software suppliers, wholesalers, marketing and various State and Federal Government requirements. Sudden pop up issues such as Omni-Channel, Covid19, Job Keeper scheme etc. all add to the daily operating of our business. To survive we need to use all sort of skills learned since we were born plus a lot more, therefore it is a no brainer if you are a newsagent in NSW to become a NANA member. We find our life a lot easier with help only a phone call away from Ian and Alan.

Lawrence & Dana LiNewsXpress Campbelltown

As small business owners we face many hurdles with issues that keep popping up and are often hard to resolve. NANA has stepped in on our behalf with slow supplier payments, poor delivery times and missing deliveries of some publications. They have the contacts to make sure the issue is fixed quickly for us rather than us waiting to hear back from suppliers and slow customer service reps. NANA staff also helped with a fair work matter that ended in a good result for all.

Chris & Manolya RedondoIngleburn Newsagency & Village News Newsagency

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