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I attended the NANA meeting at Dubbo on Thursday. I must say it was a great meeting full of very worthwhile info. The boss did a great job providing the information & fielding questions. A wise old businessman told me many years ago that, "information is the source of all wealth.” It was good to see the extra number of newsagents in attendance, which I feel reflects the newsagents recognition of the tremendous work put in by the association. So, congratulations and thank you for the wonderful effort put in for us newsagents.

Peter Snare

Peter Snare - Tabralgar Street Newsagency

I found it very informative and will now be joining NANA as it appears to me that things that you are doing are heading in the right direction.

Ted Loader

Ted Loader - Young Newsagency

We really enjoy going to these meetings, the format was great and as always the presenter is so informative, easy to listen to and easy to understand. Thank you! We will never miss one of these meetings, if we can help it!

Mark Nicholson

Mark Nicholson - Gundagai Newsagency

NANA was able to assist with a Fair Work Ombudsman Investigation regarding a wage dispute. NANA was able to prove that the correct award and employee classification was applied. The complainant retracted their application to Fairwork and apologised for the inconvenience. As Members of NANA, we are very lucky to have access to wage rates, advice, representation and support. NANA is an invaluable business resource for our industry.

Darlene and Warwick

Darlene and Warwick - Nambucca Heads Newsagency

After being investigated by Fair Work and given the final report on their findings, NANA was able to prove to the Inspector that the proposed changes quoted were incorrect. Without the knowledge and support from NANA, we would have just accepted the changes from the Fair Work Inspector and consequently would have been overpaying staff. Thank you NANA.

David Goodwin

David Goodwin - Lake Haven Centre Newsagency

I wish to thank all at NANA who helped with my recent court appearance in regards to selling Tobacco to a person under the age of 18 years. I would also like to thank Judith for all her help and also for attending court with me for morale support.

Craig Pettitt

Craig Pettitt - Dellwood Newsagency

Big thank you to NANA for pursuing Campbell’s. I sold the business months ago and NANA has continued to fight for what is right and kept me in the loop throughout the battle. I cannot thank you enough. Your dedication and hard work paid off.

Tom Tuan

Tom Tuan - Maroubra Junction Newsagency

Just a note to your NANA team expressing my sincere thanks at the successful recovery of monies owed to me by a tobacco supplier.I am sure without NANA’s help I would still be battling with this supplier. The process undertaken by NANA was simple for Newsagents to understand. We are proud to be a NANA member and will certainly recall this assistance should any Newsagents ask us about the value of being a NANA member.

Paul Brien, UTS Union

Paul Brien, UTS Union - Harris Street Newsagency

NANA successfully represented my newsagency in a Fair Work Ombudsman Unfair Dismissal Enquiry. This was a real eye opener and taught me Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to dismissing an employee. Thank you NANA for your support, advice and representation.” - Member has requested privacy “In all my time as a Newsagent I have never been so pleased with the outcome of a meeting with one of the industry suppliers. All it took was a letter of support from NANA, documentation explaining my case (which NANA assisted in preparing) and a few calls and e-mails to resolve my issue.

Undisclosed Member

Undisclosed Member - (because of Member Newsagent’s confidentiality agreement)

If it wasn't for NANA, I would be fighting a major industry supplier on my own. NANA's professional assistance made it simple to understand how to resolve my dispute and get my money back. NANA took up the fight for me, handled all the paperwork and representation. Thank you NANA for getting my money back.

Leona Maccallum

Leona Maccallum - newsXpress Crows Nest

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