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Newspack Insurance is the dominant provider of mandatory lotteries professional indemnity insurance in NSW and the ACT. Whilst most policies were due to renew on 30 June/1 July 2021, there are still a handful of policies which are still outstanding.
Final notices have been issued to those Newsagencies that have not renewed their policy. If a policy is due and has not been renewed by 14 September 2021, it will lapse and the Newsagency will no longer satisfy New South Wales Lotteries/Tabcorp insurance requirements under the franchise agreement (unless a policy has been taken out elsewhere).
Newspack Insurance sends you a certificate of currency and also send a copy to New South Wales Lotteries/Tabcorp to ensure they know you are covered and meeting your franchise agreement requirements.
If you have not renewed your mandatory lotteries indemnity insurance, regardless of which underwriter is used, ACT NOW and contact Tania at Newspack Insurance in 1300 907 583. Tania will promptly respond to your enquiry and provide every assistance to make certain your insurance needs are covered.