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Newspack Insurance will maintain its current pricing on mandatory lotteries professional indemnity insurance at $133 for the 2020/2021 financial year. Most policies for Newsagents and other lotteries outlets in NSW and ACT are due to be renewed by 30 June/1 July. The price in NSW may be lower if you qualify for a stamp duty exemption.

Newspack Insurance will forward renewals to existing policy holders in the next week. If you are currently insured through Newspack Insurance upon renewal NSW Lotteries/Tabcorp will be automatically notified and provided a certificate of currency which demonstrates your compliance with their insurance requirements.

NANA Members who qualify also receive a full rebate on the mandatory lotteries PI policy, effectively reducing the cost after rebate to nothing.

If you are not currently insured through Newspack Insurance, for lotteries or other forms of insurance, contact Tania on 1300 907 583. Tania will promptly and professionally respond to your request for a quote.

Inquiries about rebates on lotteries insurance should be directed to NANA on 1300 113 044 or by email to