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Most mandatory lotteries professional indemnity policies for NSW and ACT renew on or about 30 June/1 July each year.

Newspack Insurance has commenced the process to rollover and renew existing clients who already have this type of insurance through them and Newsagents will start receiving their renewal notices this week.

The standard policy price for mandatory lotteries professional indemnity insurance for 2020/2021 offered by Newspack Insurance is $133 including GST and all charges. Some Newsagents may also qualify for a stamp duty exemption.

If you are not insured for mandatory lotteries professional indemnity insurance through Newspack and want to secure coverage at $133, complete the form linked HERE, and send it to Newspack Insurance. Tania will promptly respond and finalise arrangements for you.

Newspack Insurance also directly advises NSW Lotteries/Tabcorp that you have a current policy in place, therefore satisfying this important compliance requirement.

Contact Tania at Newspack Insurance on 1300 907 583 for all of your Newsagency insurance needs.