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Newspack Insurance, a wholly owned insurance brokerage owned by NANA, provides excellent policy coverage and service when it comes to claims.
Just this week Newspack Insurance was notified of a claim by a Newsagent who had suffered a break in with cash stolen and malicious damage caused and the claim was promptly settled in 19 hours from commencement of the claim with payment into the Newsagent’s bank account in 27 ½ hours. This is how it went:
Date Time Action
18 January 2:27PM Newspack Insurance received claim form and documentation from Newsagent
19 January 9:27AM Newspack Insurance confirms to Newsagent claim processed and to be settled
19 January 6:00PM Settlement payment made and deposited into Newsagent’s bank account by EFT
20 January 8:00AM Settlement proceeds available in Newsagent’s bank account

Newspack Insurance and NANA are justifiably proud of the claims service it offers to Newsagents insured under the Newspack Insurance program.

Many insurers promise – Newspack Insurance delivers.
Any Newsagent who wishes to review their insurance requirements can contact Tania at Newspack Insurance on 1300 907 583. Tania is well known to Newsagents across Australia for her prompt, personable and efficient service in dealing with Newsagents’ insurance needs, especially when it comes to processing claims.