NSW Lotteries

Lotteries announcement – no surprises – let’s watch the leopard change its spots.

The announcement earlier this afternoon (25 May 2018) from Tabcorp/Tatts Group Lotteries comes as no surprise.  The competitive pressure caused by alternate online wagering products, in NANA’s opinion, is having an impact on the shoddy treatment that Tabcorp/Tatts Group has dished out to lotteries franchisees for too long.  

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NSW Lotteries confirms error with settlement reports – Newsagents will not be charged twice

Newsagents across NSW and ACT have reported a problem with the NSW Lotteries settlement reports for the period 30 November to 3 December 2017.  The previous balance, even though it has been paid/settled, has been carried forward resulting in significantly higher payment due figures.  Depending on trading at individual outlets, the payment due figure may […]

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Newspack Insurance Broking launch lowest price on Lotteries insurance for NSW and ACT

At $133 including all charges, Newspack Insurance Broking have launched what NANA believes to be the lowest cost insurance required to meet NSW/Tatts Lotteries insurance requirements. See the attached information and easily apply for what NANA believes to be the best price in the market. View details of the Newspack Insurance Broking offer by clicking […]

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