More positive recoveries for Newsagents

NANA continues to work with Members to check and then seek compensation for invoice errors caused by suppliers. Sometimes large amounts are involved. In a recent case, NANA has worked with the Member Newsagent to recover more than $5,000. As we have said in the past, the money is better in the Newsagent’s bank account than in the […]

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Serious assault highlights need to be vigilant

A Newsagent from metropolitan Sydney recently found himself on the receiving end of a vicious assault which landed him in hospital for almost a week. He also lost his car keys, keys to the shop, cash and personal belongings as the thieves who assaulted him made off with his car as he lay bleeding and […]

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NSW Lotteries Update Site Survey Weightings – improve the management to a green rating & an extra 1% income

NANA News of 14th August contained information about the important release of weightings on site survey questions/observations. Knowing what the weighting is for any part of the site surveys increases the ability of Newsagents to manage the risk associated with surveys. On 25th October NSW Lotteries announced a review of both the Site Survey questions […]

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Newspack Insurance – focussed on meeting Newsagents insurance needs

With more than 20 years direct experience satisfying the insurance needs of Newsagents, Newspack Insurance prides itself on satisfying the insurance needs of Newsagents in a professional and timely manner. Whether it is an inquiry about new insurance, insurance renewals or dealing with a claim, Newspack Insurance promises prompt, informed and cost effective service. At NANA […]

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Missing your regular NANA Newsletter?

Make sure you check your email settings if you have not been receiving your regular newsletter from NANA. Some email setups may block the email sender name file extension so it is good to check every now and then. NANA also send text messages to Members to ensure they know their newsletter has been delivered […]

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How to avoid a bush fire charity scammer

Newsagents are renowned for their generosity in the times of crisis. Unfortunately, the generosity of the whole community is often taken advantage of if you are unaware of how to protect yourself from charity scam. Here are a few reminders of what you can do to keep safe:

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