Employer obligations in relation to employee records – the fundamentals are important

Newsagents who engage employees under relevant Commonwealth workplace laws including the General Retail Industry Award 2010 and Road Transport and Distribution Award 2010 are required to make and keep accurate and complete records for all of their employees (e.g. time worked and wages paid). These record-keeping obligations are designed to ensure that employees receive their correct […]

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Registration on new lottery’s retailers web essential

NSW Lotteries has placed the Omni-Channel Program Retail Information pack in an easier to find location on retailers web. You should be able to access and download a copy from the retailers web home page. The link appears in the scrolling box at the top of the page and also as a tile on the […]

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Ensure you meet Fair Work pay slip obligations

All employers are required to satisfy at least the minimum requirements under the National Employment Standards, Awards and the Fair Work Act in regards to pay slips. Compliance with pay slip requirements is also an aspect of lotteries site surveys.

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Insidious spread of pay day lending through Newsagents has declined

NANA has made its position about Newsagents being involved with pay day lending outfits. ALNA, possibly in a desperate bid to generate income for themselves, is promoting pay day lender Cash Stop to Newsagents. NANA’s position is straight down the line – pay day lenders have nothing to do with the place Newsagents occupy within their […]

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More success on GNS levy balances

NANA has continued to maintain its position that GNS should refund all levy balances to Newsagents. There is absolutely no difference between what GNS provides to those who have paid levy balances and those who have not. The only exception is where GNS has extended preferential benefits to banner marketing groups and their members. Those Newsagents may […]

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