Changes to paid parental leave announced as part of Budget package

The Australian Government has announced that it is introducing an alternative Paid Parental Leave work test period for a limited time. Under normal circumstances parents must have worked 10 of the 13 months prior to the birth or adoption of their child to qualify but that is being temporarily extended to 10 months out of […]

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Do balloons offer you an opportunity for profit?

Brendan Geyer of News King at Bondi Junction has alerted NANA to the opportunity available to Newsagents to get involved in helium filled balloons and the business success he has enjoyed from them in recent years. Brendan is well known to many Newsagents and has been a successful and entrepreneurial Newsagent, both in Victoria and NSW.

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NANA support to Member delivers more than $7,000

NANA has been working with Members to secure long outstanding payments due from service station operators owned by big corporations. In the most recent example of success, NANA has worked closely with the Newsagent concerned and the service station operators to secure more than $7,000 in payments which have been long overdue. Providing this type […]

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