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NANA is able to assist Members to build their own employment contracts for employees under Australia’s Fair Work System. The contracts are tailored to NANA Member’s individual business needs.

The service to NANA Members helps Newsagents as small business employers to make a basic employment contract that complies with workplace laws. The NANA service creates a contract for an employee under the national industrial relations system. NANA can assist Members to create contracts for use for full-time, part-time and casual employees who are covered by the General Retail Industry Award 2020.

The service enables NANA Members to create contracts of employment that include:
•    conditions that you must provide to your employee/s; and
•    optional clauses to help set expectations and protect your business.

Any NANA Member who wishes to use this service or has an enquiry about any employment matter is invited to contact NANA on 1300 113 044 or by email to