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Award flexibility – Fair Work Commission consideration continues without resolution

NANA is an active participant in proceedings before the Fair Work Commission to resolve an appropriate approach to introducing flexibility to the manner in which part time employees may work additional hours without the payment of overtime. NANA is representing both its and ALNA’s Members, and VANA and NLNA Members have no representation. As a […]

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ANZAC Day – when is the public holiday?

General Resources

There are different observance practices for ANZAC Day for NSW and the ACT. In NSW, ANZAC Day is observed on 25 April each year and an additional public holiday is not gazetted if the date falls on a weekend. In 2021, for NSW, ANZAC Day falls on a Sunday. Consequently, rates of pay for employees […]

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IR Omnibus Bill shredded in Senate – remainder passed by House of Representatives

The Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery ) Bill 2020 (the Bill) otherwise known as the IR Omnibus Bill was shredded in the Senate on Friday last week. The Bill in its trimmed down format was submitted to the House of Representatives on Monday and what remained was passed. The Bill has now […]

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