NSW Covid-19 safety plans

The NSW government has released a set of COVID-19 safety plans. Once Newsagents complete the plan, they can register the plan through the NSW government and then are offered a COVID SAFE logo which can be displayed in your shop, on email and in advertising including social media.

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NSW Lotteries over-reach on social distancing requirements

Newsagents have received a box of supplies from NSW Lotteries/Tabcorp including a four page directive on the use of social distancing resources. NANA agrees that NSW Lotteries/Tabcorp should give Newsagents as much support as possible, but, making the use of some of the resources mandatory and subject to “compliance programs” is over the top as far […]

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Government support packages – go to the source for information

JobKeeper There have been changes to the federal government’s JobKeeper program which allow employers to claim under the scheme even though they may not have previously registered. Employers still need to qualify but the changes allow for different monthly outcomes since the scheme was introduced. Just because an employer didn’t qualify in the first month […]

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Covid-19 impacted retail and commercial tenancies

With the NSW and ACT governments yet to enact legislation to support the National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct – Commercial Leasing Principles During Covid-19, NANA has worked with Australian Retail Lease Management to update Members on the latest available advice on how they should be approaching negotiations on rent and lease relief.

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