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NANA has advised Members that it recently met with NSW based News Corp Australia staff to resolve issues around distribution problems in the Central West of NSW and other areas where Members have expressed concerns about on-time deliveries of newspapers, magazines and other items distributed by News Corp Australia.  That meeting resulted in positive moves by both NANA and News Corp Australia to introduce protocols aimed at addressing the issues and to explore and implement better outcomes for Newsagents which support all publishers and distributors who rely on the News Corp Australia primary distribution system.

NANA looks forward to positively developing and implementing the protocol to address local issues so that everyone benefits.

At a national level, NANA and News Corp Australia executives met on Wednesday afternoon.

Both News Corp Australia and NANA vigorously discussed issues around sector wide communications, how to deal with communications problems that may arise and other systemic operational issues that create problems for Newsagents, publishers and distributors.

The meeting was beneficial in that it gave both News Corp Australia and NANA an opportunity to “clear the air” and focus on the issues that matter.

NANA is confident that agreements reached with News Corp Australia national executives at Wednesday’s meeting will lead to better, more timely and more structured cooperation that benefits Newsagents, publishers and distributors alike.  NANA will have responsibilities as will News Corp Australia about how issues are managed in the future.  Again, NANA says the shared responsibility approach will be of benefit to the industry.

As we move towards finalising the protocols agreed at Wednesday’s meeting, NANA expects all industry participants will benefit.

Any NANA Member who wishes to discuss systemic or critical distribution and communications issues which arise from any primary distributor is invited to contact NANA by phone on 1300 113 044 or by email to