Lotteries insurance rebates start to roll out

NANA has processed the first batch of rebates for Members covering the cost of mandatory lotteries insurance for 2020/2021 and payments have been forwarded to qualifying Members. NANA Members insured through Newspack Insurance for both their business pack and mandatory lotteries insurance receive a full rebate of the cost of the lotteries insurance as a […]

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Final warning on lotteries insurance

Despite the deadline for renewal of mandatory lotteries professional indemnity insurance having expired on 30 June, there still appears to be a number of Newsagents with lotteries outlets across NSW and the ACT who have not obtained appropriate insurance coverage. Newspack Insurance has maintained coverage for late renewals, but the time has come to terminate […]

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Newspack Insurance offers more services

Newspack Insurance, wholly owned by NANA and managed on NANA’s behalf by Bolderston’s Insurance Brokers, is able to offer more than lotteries and business insurance. Newspack Insurance also manages client requirements for home, contents, vehicle and other forms of property insurance. If you have an insurance need, more than likely, Newspack Insurance can get you […]

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Last call on mandatory lotteries insurance – avoid terminal suspension and ACT now

Renewals of mandatory lotteries professional indemnity policies and notifications to Tabcorp/NSW Lotteries were due by 30 June.  Almost 8 weeks later, there are still some Newsagents operating within the NSW Lotteries jurisdiction which have not renewed their policies. Through Newspack Insurance NANA ensures that Tabcorp/NSW Lotteries is provided with a copy of your certificate of […]

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Lotteries insurance – act now to avoid problems with NSW Lotteries and Tabcorp

The mandatory lotteries professional indemnity insurance season for NSW and ACT Newsagents should have been finalised by now. Standard requirements from NSW Lotteries/Tabcorp are that mandatory lotteries professional indemnity insurance should have been renewed by 30 June. If you haven’t renewed your lotteries insurance you must act now including payment or if you want to […]

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