Time to tighten security

 Disturbingly, NANA is receiving an increasing number of reports concerning security threats to Newsagencies. It appears the longer the COVID restrictions apply, the more frequent the threat to small businesses. Armed robberies and attempted armed robberies are increasing in frequency. Scamming is on the rise. There are a lot of people trying to separate you […]

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Are your business email accounts secure?

If a cybercriminal gains access to or impersonates your email account, they can commit fraud or blackmail you by stealing your sensitive or financial information. They can also access your online accounts or even send emails pretending to be you.

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NANA finalises partnership with Australian Cyber Security Centre

NANA has finalised its formal partner relationship with the ACSC. The partnership will deliver a range of benefits to NANA and its Members including: access to and shared timely and often sensitive information through the Joint Cyber Security Centre Program, such as cyber threat intelligence and what Newsagents can do in response to cyber threats, […]

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