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NANA has finalised its formal partner relationship with the ACSC. The partnership will deliver a range of benefits to NANA and its Members including:

  • access to and shared timely and often sensitive information through the Joint Cyber Security Centre Program, such as cyber threat intelligence and what Newsagents can do in response to cyber threats,
  • developing collaborative solutions to cyber security risks and issues affecting Newsagencies,
  • contribution to a common understanding of the cyber security environment and achieving optimal mitigation through the sharing of analysis of incidents, threats and risks,
  • access the latest threat intelligence alerts and advisories, and
  • participation in a range of events, workshops, cyber security exercises, and presentations on cyber security.

NANA considers the threats posed by cyber attacks on small businesses to be one of the greatest challenges which face Newsagencies. We will through the ACSC partnership work to benefit NANA Members, to improve their security and reduce their cyber risks. NANA will also work with ACSC to expand the range of resources available to Newsagents and to determine the best education methods to encourage Newsagents to utilise the comprehensive range of cyber protection resources the partnership develops.