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In addition to negotiating a special arrangement through which NANA Members who rent/lease premises can claim local government rates under the NSW Government’s $1,500 government fees and charges rebates scheme, NANA has succeeded in a test of the “system” which allowed for a claim of the NSW Emergency Services Levy (ESL). The ESL in normally paid through your business insurance and the exact amount depends on the totality of the policy sums insured – but in many cases the ESL can exceed $500.  
There are also other NSW Government fees and charges which may qualify under the rebate program. If unsure, contact NANA.
NANA is available to assist Members successfully claim their local government rates, the ESL and other government fees and charges (up to a total value of $1,500) under the program.
NANA has a clear set of guidelines to assist Members on how to successfully claim on the rebate scheme.
Any NANA Member seeking assistance with maximising claims under this or any other government rebate or funding program is invited to contact NANA on 1300 113 044 or by email to