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NSW Lotteries has written to NANA to advise that they have conducted a review and updated the minimum sales requirement which a lotteries outlet must achieve and maintain each week to retain the outlet.

[retrict] In future, all New franchise agreements will have the minimum average weekly sales requirement increased to $3,400 from the current requirement of $2,400.  The new figure reflects the total lottery sales for the outlet including Instant Scratch-its.

The NSW Lotteries annual sales review will occur in January 2017 with no change to the existing networks average weekly sales requirement, however NSW Lotteries will consider applying a Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjustment in July 2017.

NANA is pursuing senior NSW Lotteries management in relation to applications lodged before the new minimum sales threshold was announced.  NANA will provide an update on possible impacts on submitted applications when NSW Lotteries confirm interim arrangements. [/restrict]