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NANA has been working hard to negotiate an acceptable outcome which will allow Newsagents in NSW to claim the costs of local government rates and charges which are included in their per square metre lease fees or as on-costs under lease agreements.

The problem which existed at the commencement of the rebate scheme was that Newsagents couldn’t claim the local government rates and charges unless they directly paid to the local government authority. Even then, there were difficulties in making an otherwise qualifying claim. NANA has negotiated a protocol to make claims for direct and indirect payments of rates and charges easier.

NANA can now directly assist NSW Members to fully claim local government rates and charges under the rebate program. In most cases Newsagents will now be able to maximise their claims and obtain the full $1,500 rebate benefit.

For information on how to claim local government fees and charges paid either directly or indirectly to a local government authority, click on the image immediately below:

NANA is available to assist NSW Members to finalise claims under the rebate program. Contact NANA on 1300 113 044 or by email to