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Staff Trainging 
9 May, 2017

Employers need to be vigilant in ensuring that employees are not required to undertake any form of online or other training outside of normal working hours unless the employee is paid overtime or the …

Warning over claims on e-cigarettes
9 May, 2017

The ACCC has successfully acted against three online retailers of e-cigarettes and associated products for making for false and misleading claims about the presence of carcinogens in e-cigarettes.Regi…

Fairfax play just the beginning
9 May, 2017

Reports that a private equity firm has made a bid for Fairfax media entities started to surface over the weekend and appeared in media reports from Monday morning. <a href=”#”>Regis…

For Sale
3 May, 2017

Tower Stock Control/Retailer for sale and includes: -Front Computer with touch screen -Keyboard -Epson receipt printer -Cash draw which connects to the rear of a computer with screen and keyboard -All…

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