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Preliminary data released by Audited Media Association of Australia on the September 2016 quarter weekly and fortnightly audited magazine titles show a further decline in print sales.

The overall decline in print sales is 13% compared to the same period last year.  Some titles have lost more than 18% in paid print sales in the period.

The loss in print sales has not been reflected by an increase in digital sales. Paid digital sales have also declined overall by 8.5% in the period.  Paid digital sales only represent .6 of 1% of total magazine sales and certainly have not gone anywhere near covering the loss in print sales.  NANA would go as far as to say that overall, paid digital sales are insignificant and irrelevant and if consumers are moving to digital readership, they are not paying for it.

Bauer Media has been significantly represented in the schedule of titles subject to audit.  However, Bauer has announced they will no longer participate in the audits conducted by Audited Media Australia, preferring to use other methods to assess and publicise readership rather than sales data.

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