NPR and GGA magazine data

NANA welcomes the opportunity to work with Members to achieve the required data integrity status to allow them to access the benefits of Gordon and Gotch Australia’s no physical returns (NPR) program.  In many cases, accessing NPR can be straight forward, however there will be cases where problems occur which require special attention to resolve. […]

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Don’t waste money on incorrect invoices

NANA continues to stress to members that it is important to thoroughly check all invoices/statements received from suppliers, regardless of how long you have been doing business with them. Errors occur, and they can be costly for newsagents. Some suppliers insist that even when problems are identified, they will not reimburse beyond three months in […]

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NANA searching for the causes and solutions on magazine label problems

One of the most frustrating problems faced by Newsagents is the way some batches of magazine labels do not correctly print. The labels print, but not in the correct order, sometimes labels are missing, and these niggly problems can lead to delays in processing the receipt and merchandising of magazines.

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