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NANA regularly advises Members not insured through Newspack Insurance to check the pricing of their current policies with Newspack Insurance to ensure they are getting the best deal. Newspack Insurance Business Pack policies tailored for Newsagents, offer the broadest coverage, best minimum sums insured and lowest excesses compared to a wide range of policies offered by other brokers and insurance companies.

One of NANA’s Members in a regional location checked the pricing they had received from a well know rural brand of insurance against a quote from Newspack Insurance. The result – Newspack Insurance were able to offer better coverage, higher sums insured and lower excesses, and the policy price including all charges was $2,000+ lower than their current provider. The Member has now voted with his cheque book and is arranging his business insurance through Newspack Insurance.

NANA and Newspack Insurance often find that rural and regional branded insurance provider policies are significantly more expensive that what Newspack Insurance is able to offer. A quick phone call can result in significant savings.

To check your current policy against what Newspack Insurance can offer, contact Tania Treacy on 1300 907 583 or send an email to