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Tabcorp revealed earlier this afternoon that almost 10% of lotteries outlets across their network are still not being registered as opening the weekly editions of What’s Hot @ The Lott (WH@TL). That means almost 10% of outlets are set to be rated lower than GREEN on the Tabcorp traffic light Richter scale. That’s 300 Newsagents and lotteries agents who will face challenges under the Omni-Channel remuneration proposals.
NANA strongly advises all Newsagents to regularly check their rating on their dashboard accessible through retailers web. If you show RED, find out why and act to minimise your risk. Ensure you open and read WH@TL through your email system every week and within 7 days.
There may be cases where Newsagents are opening WH@TL but for some reason this isn’t registering in the Tabcorp/NSW Lotteries system. If this applies to you, contact NANA for assistance.