epay fee waiver

Under the current contractual terms for Newsagents selling epay products, there is a monthly fee of $55 that applies if the minimum sale value of $2,500 is not met. However if the COVID-19 lockdowns are impacting your sales to the point where you cannot meet the minimum spend requirement, NANA has worked with epay to […]

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Make sure you check epay back charged sales

Epay sent emails on 23 June 2020 to some Newsagents concerning claimed uncharged sales which go back as far as January 2019. The claims only relate to purchases of Opal top ups. The emails also stated the advice sent to Newsagents was the result of an inquiry to epay. This statement is incorrect as the […]

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Is it time to dump epay?

In October 2019 epay advised of reviewed monthly charges to users of their epay system, via their dedicated Verifone Terminal. The changes came into operation commencing November 2019: •   A $50 (ex GST) terminal rental charge if $2,500 face value worth of product is not sold each month, and •   An $11 (ex GST) charge for […]

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