NSW Government partners with the Commonwealth to give workers without leave entitlements access to the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment arrangements

The NSW government announced on 20 September that under the arrangement, any NSW worker who has no leave entitlements will be eligible for a one-off $1500 payment for each 14 day period that they are directed by NSW Health to self-isolate or quarantine, or during which they are caring for someone with COVID-19. This includes […]

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Exercise caution with payroll software

NANA is working with Members who are experiencing problems with the limitations of Deputy time keeping and payroll software. NANA has identified circumstances in which the software incorrectly calculates overtime and applies overtime rates in circumstances where standard ordinary time rates should apply. In each instance where this occurs, the Newsagent has to manually check […]

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Tracking Hubbed payments

It is not news that payments from Hubbed for parcel collection services through Newsagents have been slow with several months’ worth of payments due to Newsagents still outstanding. When dealing with a number of NANA Members over the late payment issue, there has been some difficulty at the Newsagent end identifying payments that have been […]

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Parcels fail to deliver for Newsagents

The proponents of two of the over the counter and locker parcel delivery systems are failing Newsagents by continually paying late or not at all. Nparcel, run by VANA and NLNA is continually delaying payments to Newsagents for parcels handled. The regular late payments are a breach of the agreement with Newsagents and does nothing […]

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More cases of service stations slow payments

In what is developing into a common problem, more reports are being received by NANA of substantially slow payments by branded service stations of invoices from Newsagents. NANA continues to work with Members to get payment and to work with the branded service station chains to improve their payment systems.

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