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Via Newspack Insurance, NANA has received reports that a number of Newsagents have recently been burgled/robbed, after hours. In many cases, the Newsagents have relied upon an expectation that the security for the shopping centre in which they are located was sufficient to protect them from burglary. The results clearly demonstrate that isn’t the case.

Newsagents are advised they should ensure their security measures are up to date and robust. You cannot rely upon someone else to protect you.

All cash should be either placed in a locked safe or removed from the premises and deposited in a bank. Target items such as tobacco products must also be secured.

Newspack Insurance can give advice on how to manage your risks. The recent spate of bushfires, business interruption, hail, storm, flood damage and theft claims have all highlighted the necessity to regularly review you Newsagency’s risk management and insurance needs.

The other important aspect to note is that you will not succeed with a claim for a loss if you are not correctly insured. One Newsagent recently declined a review of their sums insured, didn’t want more than $1,000 on tobacco products and said they didn’t need cover for cash. When robbed, they lost $10,000 in tobacco products and $5,000 in cash. The result, they could only claim against the $1,000 cover for tobacco.

Tania at Newspack Insurance is available to assist with all your business and personal insurance needs. Call Tania at Newspack Insurance on 1300 907 583.