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Compulsory lotteries insurance for NSW Lotteries/Tabcorp was generally due for renewal by 30 June. Both NANA and Newspack Insurance are working with Tabcorp to ensure all policies renewed or commenced with Newspack Insurance for 2019/2020 are recorded in the Tabcorp system.
Failing to have a current insurance policy which satisfies all of Tabcorp’s requirements may jeopardise your lotteries outlet.
Newspack has sent final notices to all outstanding unpaid policyholders. If the renewals are not finalised within 14 days, the policies will lapse.
If you have not renewed your compulsory lotteries insurance policy and you are not currently a Newspack Insurance client, contact Tania at Newspack Insurance or complete the formHERE and send it to Newspack Insurance and Tania will promptly respond. Newspack Insurance provides policies which are compliant with all Tabcorp requirements. This has been confirmed in writing by Tabcorp.
Contact Newspack Insurance on 1300 907 583 or by email to