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Tabcorp and NSW Lotteries Corporation require full-service lotteries franchisees to carry professional indemnity insurance. The authorised brokerages appear in the lotteries operations manuals. Of the 4 providers listed, Newspack Insurance offers the most competitive standard rate of $133 including all fees and charges. With the NSW stamp duty exemption, the fee can be as low as $130.

Other providers quote $253.83, $187.00, $161.00 and $149.00 and for these policies. Newspack Insurance is the most cost effective by far at $133.00 or less.

Even better, qualifying NANA members can receive a full rebate on their compulsory lotteries insurance, bringing the effective cost to NIL.

Click the image below for more information on this offer. For further details contact Tania Treacy at Newspack Insurance on 1300 907 583.

*Subject to NSW stamp duty exemption.