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NANA has been encouraging Members to explore the possibilities and opportunities available through the IPP program and access to Winc.™ as a wholesale stationery supplier. The IPP platform has more to offer than just stationery – a wide range of giftware, tobacco and consumer electronics products are available from some of Australia’s most established suppliers. NANA Members who have been using the IPP program and accessing Winc.™ stationery products have been reporting savings on individual products of up to 28%, great service and prompt delivery.

IPP offers extended payment terms and rewards points earned on every dollar of spend which can be redeemed from over 40 different product and service providers. NANA Members can join up to the IPP program without paying a joining fee – a saving of $250. NANA Members can contact NANA to discuss the opportunities available through the IPP platform – call 1300 113 044.

The IPP program has no ongoing costs for IPP Members and there is no lock-in contract. Unlike alternate programs being offered by some promoters, IPP provide Newsagents with full disclosure documents, nothing is hidden and the Newsagent doesn’t have to go searching for terms and conditions hidden away on a web site somewhere which are difficult to find.

Newsagents interested in the IPP offering should contact Ann Nugent at IPP on 0488 763 236 or by email to You can also check out their web site at