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NANA continues to work with Members to check and then seek compensation for invoice errors caused by suppliers. Sometimes large amounts are involved. In a recent case, NANA has worked with the Member Newsagent to recover more than $5,000. As we have said in the past, the money is better in the Newsagent’s bank account than in the suppliers.

Some of the reviews which NANA undertakes on behalf of Members can be complex. That is where NANA comes in to provide the support Members need to work their way through lots of records, invoices, credits and payments. To quote the Newsagent in this recent case:

“Without NANA we would not have got the money back. The publisher wouldn’t listen to us but they did listen to NANA. The NANA staff worked through everything methodically and this also saved us time and money.”

Members who feel they have reasonable grounds to question an invoice and/or account activity are invited to contact NANA for further information on 1300 113 044 or by email to