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NANA has continued to maintain its position that GNS should refund all levy balances to Newsagents. There is absolutely no difference between what GNS provides to those who have paid levy balances and those who have not. The only exception is where GNS has extended preferential benefits to banner marketing groups and their members. Those Newsagents may or may not be levy balance holders and if not, then they are being treated better than Newsagents who have paid levy balances.

NANA has successfully worked with Members through NSW and ACT to recover their levy balance from GNS. Some cases have resulted in a cash payout, others have resulted in the levy balance being made available as a trading balance. NANA says that GNS should be giving cash payouts but if a trading balance is acceptable to the Newsagent, then that may be an equitable resolution.

If you require assistance to deal with GNS to address this problem, contact NANA on 1300 113 044 or by email to NANA will only work with Members to secure a solution to this problem