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Newspack Insurance™ is wholly owned by NANA, managed with professional support by Bolderstons Insurance Brokers and underwritten by some of the largest insurance companies in Australia and globally.

Many NANA Members and other Newsagents are insured through Newspack Insurance™.

NANA has worked with our managers and underwriters to ensure Newspack Insurance™ speedily deals with any claims which arise from the recent and ongoing bush fire tragedies which continue to be faced throughout NSW, ACT and Victoria.

Your ability to claim against your Newspack Insurance™ will depend on the extent of the coverage contained within your policy and what extensions, including business interruption insurance, which you may have.

Newspack Insurance™ will act promptly to assist you to make a claim and will work with you and the underwriters to facilitate payment of claims with minimum red tape or delay.

If you wish to make a claim against your Newspack Insurance™ or discuss your existing policy coverage, sums insured, etc, contact Tania at Newspack Insurance™ on 1300 907 583.

If you wish to discuss any other challenges you face due to the bush fire crisis, with suppliers, etc, please contact NANA on 1300 113 044 or by email to