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Being on the receiving end of an investigation from the Fair Work Ombudsman or from Tabcorp/NSW Lotteries over their Fair Work compliance program can be daunting.

NANA often assists Members in a confidential, non-judgemental manner through these investigations. In all recent cases NANA Members have expressed strong thanks for the support they have received from NANA.

NANA recognises that things can go wrong, and the rules around employing staff can be complex. NANA isn’t going to bash Newsagents about – we seek solutions and offer practical advice so that Newsagents can get through the issues and move on with minimum negative impact on their operations.

Newsagents should never assume that Tabcorp/NSW Lotteries and the Fair Work Ombudsman always get it right – they don’t. The results of NANA’s support for Members clearly demonstrates that.

If you are facing an investigation from the Fair Work Ombudsman or by Tabcorp/NSW Lotteries over Fair Work compliance you can get support from NANA on a confidential and supportive basis.

Contact NANA for assistance on 1300 113 044 or by email to