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NSW Lotteries new outlet applications – NANA assists to gain commission and business security 

Newsagents often receive notification from Tabcorp/NSW Lotteries that they are considering an application for a new lotteries outlet in an area nearby an existing outlet in a Newsagency. NANA strongly recommends Members respond to the notification if they think a new nearby outlet is likely to reduce their income.

NANA recently received a call from a Member who was very happy with the time and effort NANA undertook to help lodge an objection to an application for a new outlet at a site just over 100 metres from his business.

Excitedly the Member advised the application had been declined, which essentially meant that the analysed financial threat of a $22,800 per year commission decrease to their business had been averted. Over the course of a full franchise agreement, NANA acted to protect $114,000 in income for the Member Newsagency.

Any Member confronted with a notification of an application for a new nearby lotteries outlet should seek assistance from NANA. Whether or not to proceed with an objection will be up to the Member, but NANA will give you the information you need to include in any objection you raise.

As the Member Newsagent said “… I didn’t know where to begin, how to address the matter and the time and effort it would take NANA to produce what was done for me…’.  

NANA provides this service as part of Membership entitlements. In complicated cases, three steps may be involved: objection, dispute and mediation. Subject to certain conditions, NANA funds the cost of the independent mediation on behalf of the Member, along with our time and submission guidance for all three steps.

Should you need assistance contact NANA on 1300 113 044 or by email to