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On a recent visit to both Members and Non-Members in rural NSW, NANA’s Alan Price met with Rod Carr owner of Carr’s newsXpress Newsagency in Armidale NSW. During the visit NANA Membership was discussed. Quite openly, Rod indicated the absolute need for all NSW & ACT Newsagents to consider NANA Membership as being an essential partnership to their business.
Newsagents now more than ever need an active Association to represent them in many areas with many issues, and NANA is a simple phone call or email away. NANA has access to resources regarding Suppliers, Government Agencies, Industrial Relations and more, and can advise how to deal with them in a timely and professional manner that will hopefully lead to the best outcome for our Members.
Newsagents usually don’t have the time to do so themselves, and in most cases do not know who to contact. A particularly good example is where NANA stood alone as the only Association to meticulously analyse the Tabcorp Omni-Channel program, and as a result Tabcorp are now having to iron out a number of substantial bugs.
NANA always strives to work in the best interest of all Newsagents – Members and Non-Members – so anyone who is not a Member should be aware that NSW & ACT has an Association working on their behalf. Becoming a Member will allow Newsagents to strengthen their position with additional support and resources.
‘I have been a Member for many years and will continue to be a Member, as the benefits are so clear to us at Carr’s newsXpress Newsagency’ said Rob.
Newsagents who would like to discuss Membership are invited to contact Alan Price on 1300 113 044 or by email to