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 Newspack Insurance, the specialist supplier of insurance services for the Newsagency industry prides itself on prompt and efficient service to clients, whether they are new or long standing.

A NSW Lotteries outlet which required mandatory lotteries insurance to satisfy Tabcorp/NSW Lotteries requirements made contact with Newspack Insurance last night.

11:00PM Tuesday          Client sent an inquiry by email to Newspack Insurance.
6:40AM Wednesday       Newspack Insurance responded to client, providing the application form and other details.
7:01AM Wednesday       Client responds and supplies completed application form.
7:23AM Wednesday       Newspack Insurance confirms policy details and price to client including an invoice for payment.
9:08AM Wednesday       Client confirms payment of invoice
9:11AM Wednesday       Newspack Insurance finalises all arrangements and confirms to client with a Certificate of Currency with a copy to Tabcorp/NSW Lotteries.

So, by 11 minutes after the time when most insurance providers have just opened for the day, Newspack Insurance fully satisfied the needs of the client and reported to Tabcorp/NSW Lotteries that insurance was in place.

And the comment from the client:
“Thank you, Tania ….. a pleasure dealing with you and such great service.”

NANA believes Newspack Insurance level of service is exceptional. Whilst the level of service in this case was exceptional, it is the high standard that Newspack Insurance staff seek to follow for all clients.

To experience what NANA believes to be the best insurance service available to Newsagents, contact Tania at Newspack Insurance on 1300 907 583.