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An insurance broker claiming to provide special service for Newsagents is offering what they say is a “special new premium” and that they offer “better value on your Tatts Mandatory Lotteries Insurance”. The price quoted on their web site is $195.

NANA advises Members to be aware that $195 is neither a special premium nor better value when compared to Newspack Insurance’s standard offering. Newspack Insurance, authorised by Tabcorp for all jurisdictions, offers compulsory lotteries insurance for $133.00 (all inclusive) and even less if you qualify for stamp duty exemptions in NSW.

If you are insured for lotteries insurance through this Newcastle based broker, we suggest you check out what Newspack Insurance has to offer. While you are at it, it may be well worthwhile to check the premiums and charges on your other insurance needs by asking Newspack Insurance for a competitive quote.

Contact Tania at Newspack Insurance on 1300 907 583.