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NANA announced earlier in the year that it had appointed Bolderstons Insurance Brokers to manage Newspack Insurance. Newspack Insurance is wholly owned by NANA. NANA made the management changes as it is strongly believes it is in the best interests of policy holders. NANA believes that the management services being provided by Bolderstons are best suited to the needs of Newsagents and lotteries agents. Insurance renewals are now being issued by Bolderstons on behalf of Newspack Insurance and the covering correspondence includes joint branding, both Newspack Insurance and Bolderstons.
NANA and Bolderstons have been working to provide the best insurance solutions for Newsagents and lotteries agents. NANA is confident that the policy coverage, sums insured and excesses contained in the policies offered through Newspack Insurance are correctly tailored to meet the needs of the industry.
Newspack Insurance, managed by Bolderstons, is fully approved by Tabcorp for compulsory lotteries insurance in all jurisdictions. The current pricing for this form of insurance, at $133.00 including all costs and charges, is one of the most competitive rates available in the market. Much better than $180+ being charged by some other brokers.
Newspack Insurance, together with Bolderstons, work with leading insurance underwriters who have a significant Australian and global presence.
Long time Newspack Insurance manager Tania Treacy is an integral part of the Bolderstons/Newspack Insurance team.
    If you require any clarification about Bolderstons or Newspack Insurance, please contact NANA on 1300 113 044 or by email to
To explore insurance solutions tailored to your business needs contact Newspack insurance on 1300 907 583 and talk to Tania.