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Supply chain issues are impacting just about every sector of the Australian economy. Everything from new cars to bikinis are experiencing production and distribution delays due to the manufacturing and logistics impacts arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Whatever the reason behind delays and stock shortages, Newsagents need to be kept up to date.
GNS has demonstrated that it is probably easier to keep Newsagents informed than it is to deal with constant requests for updates on stock availability and delivery delays.
NANA believes that GNS has been open with Newsagents by issuing regular updates. As we said above, Newsagents need to know what is going in with the supply chain and GNS has performed a lot better in this regard than many suppliers.
With the move to its new and more suitable premises in Sydney rapidly approaching, NANA expects GNS to continue as the primary supplier of stationery and other products for Newsagents and to be even better placed to offer service and value.